Stalking Fallow Deer in England

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The video uploaded by Fieldsports Channel opens with a hunter carrying a rifle walking quietly towards a target. Reference: Field Sports Channel on YouTube He and a partner were tasked by the landowner to hunt a group of fallow deer who were eating the crops in his garden. The 2 hunters were Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam and Colin Hinkley. …


Fallow Deer Rut

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This 4.5-minute video started with a scene of a running deer in the forest, just above where the hunter was waiting. It looks like very early morning, or late afternoon because it was a bit dark. As the video continues, it tracks that deer and the shooter lets out a shot but misses, and the deer runs away. In the …


Deer Hunting Kulling

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The video was uploaded by Antler Addicts, which was shot in a beautiful, expansive South Texas ranch teeming with wildlife, such as deer and quail. The main shooter is named Reuben, who is said to have never harvested a buck that was filmed on camera. The commentator opens with a description of the ranch in which the group was hunting. …


Red Stag Hunt With 30-06 Springfield

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The red stag season is on, and in this video, Steve Wild shows viewers how to take one down with a quick pull of a trigger. Video by Team Wild TV Produced by Team Wild TV, the video, “Red Stag Hunt” is a 6-minute clip on Steve’s adventure during his first red stag hunt of 2012. It was shot that year …


Nothing Beats An Accurate Kill Shot

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Another great video of some very accurate shooting! This video from the guys at Rubies Hunting, a US filmed hunt where the fellas showcase 5 fantastic shots on Deer. All shots are neck shots with 100% precision. Good tunes – good hunting! Great YouTube video from the team at: Rubies Hunting Don’t forget to become a Hunting.com.au member! Monthly email newsletter …


Some Of The Most Amazing Hunting Shots Ever Filmed

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In this video we see some of the most amazing hunting shots & drops! Reference: Stuck N The Rut on YouTube Nice block rockin beats in the background. In this video its a combination of deer and other ferals that are taken at distance, some amazing long falls and breathtaking vapor trail action! A great all round hunting shots compilation …