European Wild Boar Hunting

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European Wild Boar Hunting The video starts with a shot of the hunting grounds, with a thicket of yellow and orange trees. It all looks very scenic and beautiful, with lots of foliage and a well-worn path in the middle. It looks like fall because of the color of the leaves, which also covers the grounds. In the next scene, …


A Good old Aussie Pig Hunt

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Heart Shot Australian Pig This hunting video uploaded by is really short and runs for less than 3 minutes only. It was taken in Australia during day time, probably late afternoon based on the color and angle of the sunlight. It starts with a view of an open field with tall, brown grass and two men in camouflage walking …


Angry Wild Boar Shot While Attacking Dog

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Angry Wild Boar Shot While Attacking Dog This video was made by YouTube user Clarke Boys Hunting NZ. Here, you will see 2 teenage boys from Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand taking on a wild boar. The 3-minute video was shot using a handheld camera, so some of the scenes were pretty shaky. At the beginning of the clip, the boys …


Some Of The Most Amazing Hunting Shots Ever Filmed

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In this video we see some of the most amazing hunting shots & drops! Reference: Stuck N The Rut on YouTube Nice block rockin beats in the background. In this video its a combination of deer and other ferals that are taken at distance, some amazing long falls and breathtaking vapor trail action! A great all round hunting shots compilation …


The Pig Hunters Double Shot

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A great double shot here from a hunter in the US. Its not often you have the chance, patience and above all the accuracy to take a double shot when hunting. I have seen it done with two deer before by a friend but never have I seen a double – double!!! The video starts with a ballsy little porker …


Amazing Texas Wild Pig (Bow) Hunt

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Some fantastic footage in this video of a wild boar being arrowed clean through! A little gory as the arrow clears the pig but some great angels here, with the hunter perched in the tree stand and cam from both entry & exit point of view. Don’t forget to become a member! Monthly email newsletter including stories & news …