Video: Simple Australian Deer Hunting

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One winter morning, Trizo chance upon some does on the paddock fringe. He decided to stalk the does along the creek.

Reference: Aussie Bush Harvest On YouTube

He gets a good position with a clear view of the clueless does, aims his rifle, and manages to shoot one through some timbres. He walks over to the fallen deer and shows the clean holes on the neck and belly.

He cuts off the carcass, chopping off the legs first. He pulls off the fur (which will do nicely as a floor rug) and slices off the prime cuts. Afterwards, he packs up and heads home for breakfast.

Overall, it was a good clean kill of winter venison for Trizo. It’s a perfect way to hunt and harvesting free range Aussie deer. He followed the animals and patiently stalked them without being detected and he was able to get a great shot despite some timbre obstructing his view.

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