Duck Hunting Highlight Reel

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The 3-minute video uploaded by Matt Forsyth shows a collection of scenes and methods the hunters used to hunt ducks in the wild.

Reference: Matt Forsyth on YouTube

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In the opening scenes you will see how they are setting up their hunting grounds, mostly over a lake. One of the hunters was putting decoy plastic ducks near the shore, which is popular method of duck hunting.

Using plastic ducks fools late-season birds that have been shot at over and over again, that the area is still safe, lulling them into a false sense of security.

The video also showed different times of day for hunting. Some of the scenes look like early morning to probably midday or afternoon. In some, it looks like dusk or dawn but you wouldn’t know because the video doesn’t explain anything. It just play a background music.

“One of the hunters was putting decoy plastic ducks near the shore, which is popular method of duck hunting.”

The video could have been more helpful if the uploader did some commentary and some tips on how they had a successful hunting season. It really looks like the hunters were very good and experienced as they were able to shoot a duck whether it was with a flock or just a few flying over.

In some of the scenes, the hunters use another method which is the duck call. This is also an effective way of luring the ducks into coming near where the hunters were hiding. They’ve also used a dog to help them fetch the killed ducks when it falls far away.

In some instances, the hunters kill multiple ducks especially when it’s a flock flying over their heads. They’ve also shown how many they’ve killed in a couple of scenes, laying down the ducks in a line.

Overall it’s a nice video with clear images and multiple shots of duck hunting scenes. Though it’s clearly not meant as a tutorial, one can get some tips on different duck hunting tools and techniques to use in the field.

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