VIDEO: Duck Hunting in Washington

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If you’ve never hunted at the start of any hunting season, then this video from Pacific Flyway Waterfowlers will give you an idea what to expect.

Reference: Pacific Flyway Waterfowlers On YouTube

It also shows you techniques and gears to use when hunting ducks as the group goes out on their opening day for duck hunting season in Washington.

The video showed the group enroute to their hunting ground, which is a marsh, very early in the morning, before sunrise, or maybe even dawn. There was also a short view of the gear the group brought to the hunt.

The next part of the video showed scenes of flocks flying overhead. You can also spot on the marsh the decoy ducks they used to lure their prey. During the hunt, they used a duck call, camouflage outfits, and shotguns. When they shoot a duck they have a couple of dogs pick up the kills.

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