Fox Shooting with Snipercam

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This three-minute clip from YouTube user snipercamtv is the 15th of the current 20 fox shooting videos in his account.

Reference: snipercamtv on YouTube

For this hunt, he uses a 22-250 calibre rifle that has a night illuminator and a snipercam attached to it. This makes it possible for viewers to see the amazing accuracy and performance displayed by both the firearm and the person carrying it.

Cut-to-cut footages of a night/dusk hunt were put together to create the video. Here, one can see how the shooter aims at his target and when he takes the shot. He uses methods like whistling like a distressed rabbit to attract the foxes. Once the animal is in sight, he aims for the part below the neck, about where the heart is. The shine on the foxes’ eyes also help him position his shot for a good kill.

Foxes are considered vermin by those living in the area. They disrupt the ecosystem by eating smaller animals and the crops. That’s why fox hunting goes beyond sporting; it’s also to ensure control of the fox population so that there is a balance in the environment.

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