Bowhunting Feral Goats in New South Wales

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Bow hunting, though not as common as hunting with a gun, is gaining popularity in that there is less spoilage of the meat because there are no fragmented bullets to think about.

Reference: Ayden Doumtsis on YouTube

The video was not meant to be instructional, but a way to show that you can hunt game with a bow and arrow and be successful.

In the video, two brothers set out hunting for feral goats, which they took out for meat and for the trophy horns. The farthest shot they took was from 25 metres away, so the footages are on close-up mode. In some of the video footage, the shooter was visible and getting as close as he can to the goats

In one the shots, the bow connected two goats with one arrow, killing the target on the spot while the other was able to run away but eventually died. Most of the arrow shots were to the heart or lungs.

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