Video: Full Butcher of a Meat Goat

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How do you really butcher a goat from skinning to gutting it? If you want to learn this 15-minute video from Daniel Scepurek is a nice video to start with. It shows you a clear documentation of how to skin a goat and then cut the different part of the meats.

Reference: Daniel Scepurek on YouTube

The video starts with a dead goat on a bench. He starts skinning it by making the first incision on the chest, belly, and to the butt part. He then goes to work on the legs using a very sharp knife which he keeps on sharpening every so often.

To completely skin the goat he hangs it on a winch. After skinning, he guts it making sure he doesn’t puncture any internal organs while doing so to keep the meat clean.

The video is clear enough that you can follow and the tips that the butcher gives out are also very helpful.

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