Video: Wild Goat Hunting in Victoria

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The 30-minute video shows several scenes in the woods with wild goats. The first part of the video shows hunters scouting a wooded area that goes uphill.

Reference: AussieHunta on YouTube

Then it cuts to a scene on the mountains again where goats are seen grazing. It cuts to another scene, possibly in the same mountain area. However, this time it shows a fox, which they call out to, but it disappears in the distance.

Then it cuts to another scene where the hunters zoom in to a part of the mountain where the wild goats are seen. This goes on for almost the whole video with the hunters just scouting one area after another of the same location.

After scouting for a while, you will notice that they seem to have chosen a spot on the mountains. As they waited, they spotted a potential target but the goat got spooked and took off. And when they finally got a shot, it’s not even evident in the video. It looked like the video just moved a little and that was it.

The next thing you’ll see is the hunter with the dead wild goat.

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