Weatherby Mark V Terramark

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The Weatherby Terramark was made for long range hunting. If you want a rifle that will deliver the goods way out past 300 yards, without carrying a ridiculously heavy tactical rifle, the Terramark may be just what the doctor ordered. It’s a practical sized rifle of manageable weight that is accurate and packs enough punch for humane kills on game at extended distances.

Like the rest of the Accu-Mark series, the Terramark is put together to custom-rifle standards. The stainless barrel is deeply fluted to save significant weight and promote cooling. As you’d expect with this class of rifle, fit and finish are immaculate.

The composite stock is dressed in background blending earth tones while the metalwork is accented with a flat dark earth Cerakote in specific areas. Also features a factory-tuned, fully adjustable trigger, Pachmayr Decelerator pad, and swivel studs.


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  • Sub-MOA accuracy guarantee
  • Hand-laminated, raised comb Monte Carlo composite stock with full length aluminium bedding block, matte gel coat finish, spiderweb accents and right side palm swell
  • Metalwork is accented Flat Dark Earth Cerakote finish
  • Hand lapped, #3 contour free-floated, fluted stainless barrel with recessed target crown
  • Short 54 degree bolt lift
  • Fluted bolt body for smooth bolt travel
  • Bolt features 3 gas ports for maximum safety in the event of a case rupture
  • New improved LXX trigger adjustable down to 2.5 lbs
  • Pachmayr Decelerator pad
  • Weight: varies between 7.25 lbs and 8.5 lbs depending on calibre
  • Barrel length: 24″, 26″ or 28″ depending on calibre

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  • 240 Wby
  • 257 Wby
  • 6.5-300 Wby
  • 270 Win
  • 270 Wby
  • 7mm Rem
  • 7mm Wby
  • 308 Win
  • 30-06
  • 30-378 Wby
  • 338-378 Wby
  • 338 Lap
  • 340 Wby


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