A Good old Aussie Pig Hunt

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Heart Shot Australian Pig

This hunting video uploaded by is really short and runs for less than 3 minutes only. It was taken in Australia during day time, probably late afternoon based on the color and angle of the sunlight.

It starts with a view of an open field with tall, brown grass and two men in camouflage walking towards a water hole. In the next scene, a pig is seen grazing at the edge of the water hole. The hunter is still not visible during this time and there wasn’t any conversation going on in the background either, which is good considering that the prey is close by and might get spooked by any sound.

However, you can tell from the video that the hunter has zeroed in on the pig. And then even through a smattering of trees and while the pig was in motion, the hunter was able to shoot it accurately. The surprising thing was that the weapon used was a bow and arrow. This is because it is not the usual hunting gear one would use. For one it will take more time to reload if you missed the first time. Second, you’d have to be fairly close to the prey to shoot.

At the end of the video, it was revealed that the hunters were driving around and saw this water hole and the pig from a distance. They decided to get out there and stalk the pig. They went around and snuck up on their target and got a nice clean shot to the side of the pig, probably hitting major arteries in the process, and eventually killing it.

It was a nice clean shot that shows skill with the weapon and good hunting instincts.

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