Duck hunting adventure in Manitoba

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The whole video revolves around the brothers’ duck hunting adventure in Manitoba. It seems that it covered a number of days and featured hunting over water at different times of the day. And whenever they had a kill over water, they have their trusty dog to retrieve the ducks and hand it over to them.

In one of the comments, they said that they were using a 12-gauge rifle for the hunt. And also they were using hand-carved decoys that were made by their father years ago. They lined these up near the edge of the water. And the hunters were on a boat that they’ve covered in hay and plants and netting as camouflage.

It is clear that the hunters know their ducks as they were naming their kills: some bluebills, redheads, and canvasbacks. These were all fetched by their trusty dog, who swims and fetches on command. Clearly, the brothers have planned this and trained their dog to do the job very well.

The video continues to show different scenarios and weather, even stormy, rainy ones which can be difficult hunting conditions. They even showed how difficult when one of the brothers tried to shoot a low flying duck but didn’t get it. However, you can definitely see the experience of the brothers as they were able to shoot a moving target with the wind blowing.

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