Hunting Waterfowl In The US

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Uploaded by Andrew Oksendahl, the video feature a group of people called Team Full Choke, who was waterfowl hunting in 2013 in North Dakota. You might be shocked at the number of fowls they had to take down, but they said that this was goose season and that the daily limit of kills for 2013 was 15 birds per person.

The video starts with a flying flock of fowl that were shot down by the group. Then a slow-mo version, also of a flock flying over an open field, shows a couple of guys shooting the ducks. One scene showed 3 approaching ducks and a couple of the hunters all shoot them down.

Next scene shows the haul of the hunters that they placed behind a couple of trucks. This evidently shows how the group is composed of skilled duck hunters, as it cannot be easy to shoot a moving object, let alone a flying one. As the filming continues, you will see more and more of the group as the shot pans out from the view of just the gun barrel. You’ll also hear conversations and shouts of jubilation and triumphs from the group.

In all of the scenes you will notice that they have set up their hunting grounds. They chose an open field where they have unobstructed views of the whole area. They had statues of ducks set up to fool flocks into thinking that this is a grazing area. Also, the hunters used duck calls to lure their prey to fly into their area.

In some scenes, you will see the hunters are covered in camouflage netting and when the ducks come near, the group of hunters shoot them all down. Very effective hunting strategies for newbies to take note of. The video is very informative as well when it comes to the best times to hunt for fowl. The video shows hunting from early morning to even dusk, taken over a couple of months–around August to September. Some in sunny and even some in weather that looks like it’s going to rain any minute.

They note that the hunted fowls were cleaned and processed after.

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