Red Stag Hunt With 30-06 Springfield

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The red stag season is on, and in this video, Steve Wild shows viewers how to take one down with a quick pull of a trigger.

Video by Team Wild TV

Produced by Team Wild TV, the video, “Red Stag Hunt” is a 6-minute clip on Steve’s adventure during his first red stag hunt of 2012. It was shot that year in August, considered a special time for hunters in England and Wales because the first day of the month marks the start of red deer season. In the clip, Steve says that he stalks red deer for 2 reasons: first, because he sells its venison at his family’s butcher shop; and second, because he simply likes the sport.

As the sun sets in the horizon, Steve then goes to a grassy terrain where he spots a herd of young red deer grazing and playing about. Because these animals are very sensitive to sound and able to spot threat from afar, he approaches slowly, staying low to the ground, and talks to the camera in whispers. At around 50 metres from where the deer were, he stops crawling, goes into kneeling position, and aims his Ruger M77 All Weather in .30-06 Springfield calibre at his target.

Steve is a big man, which makes him less inconspicuous to his prey. Despite his size, he was not easily spotted by the herd because of his camo suit and silent movements. At a single pull of the rifle’s trigger, the kill came surprisingly quickly. One of the deer was taken down with a shot to the shoulder, and by dusk — and at the end of the video — Steve takes the animal to the slaughterhouse and turns it into quality venison that he can sell at his shop.

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