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What Is The Best Red Deer Hunting Calibre?

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We know all members have a preference and we want to share it with the rest of our Aussie hunters.

To help out newbies entering the land of deer hunting we want to share with them the experienced views of other members.

What Is The Best Calibre For Hunting Red Deer In Australia??

  1. Please vote in the poll below, selecting your favourite calibre
  2. In the comments box below the poll tell us more about what you think

Your opinion MATTERS, help a new hunter make the right choice & save possibly thousands on the wrong rifle or calibre selection!


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6mm Rem
6 Vote
300 Win Short Mag
20 Vote
270 Win
195 Vote
300 Win Mag
89 Vote
30-30 Win
21 Vote
22 Vote
38 Vote
7mm Rem Mag
54 Vote
30-06 Sprg
161 Vote
308 Win
299 Vote
338 Win Mag
23 Vote
375 H&H
8 Vote
44 Rem Mag
3 Vote
4 Vote
300 Rem Ultra Mag
8 Vote
338 Lapua
10 Vote

Did You Know – Red Deer In Australia

  • First introduced into Australia in the mid 19th century, imported from English game parks.
  • A social beast that lives in herds dominated by a single female.
  • Being ungulates, they can carry various diseases, in New Zealand deer are a reservoir of bovine tuberculosis.
  • In Australia deer cause damage to crops, fences and other infrastructure, as well as compete with livestock for feed on private properties.
  • Red Deer can be hunted in Australia using a minimum .270 calibre rifle with a minimum projectile weight of 130 grains.


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