How To Field Dress a Wild Pig

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In the video by the TheProRancher, we are shown how to field dress a pig. This means just gutting the pig, taking out the internal organs, and getting it ready for the next steps, which are skinning and then butchering.

To do it properly, first make an incision in the hide of the belly and then continue cutting down to the anus, being careful in the process as not to break the hide. Remove or cut the hide that gets in the way of the belly. Then, when you get to the anus area, cut around the rectum so you can pull it out easily later on.

In the next process, cut open the belly very carefully and make sure not to puncture any organs. You don’t want to mess up any of the useful meat you planned on getting. After making sure that everything is still intact, reach in and puncture the diaphragm and then look for the windpipe. Be careful of your fingers as you cut through the pig’s trachea since you won’t be able to see your hand deep inside the pig. After cutting, pull all the entrails out, still being careful not to bust any of the organs.

On this note, one commenter said that to avoid cutting your fingers when taking out the trachea, cut through the cartilage on either side of the sternum to open up the chest cavity. Make sure that the incision reaches until the jaw bone.

On smaller pigs, the belly meat cannot be used, so you can remove that too. Cut off this meat on both sides of the incision you made. Then clean out anything that’s left inside the carcass.

It is a good video in that it showed very clearly the step-by-step process of gutting a pig. Putting on notes instead of speaking the instructions out loud ensures that viewers will be able to understand better.

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  1. Nick Hunter

    I have never eaten one that I have taken when on the hunt but have other hunters I have traveled with that swear by it… Keen to know what your personal experiences are?

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