Stalking Fallow Deer in England

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The video uploaded by Fieldsports Channel opens with a hunter carrying a rifle walking quietly towards a target.

Reference: Field Sports Channel on YouTube

He and a partner were tasked by the landowner to hunt a group of fallow deer who were eating the crops in his garden. The 2 hunters were Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam and Colin Hinkley. It was noted that they have been to the place before and though they have seen a few deers they have not been able to get a good position to go for the kill.

As the video continues, it spans again to the lead hunter, Colin. It appears to be very early morning before sunrise, as the whole scene is quite dark. The commentator notes that when hunting with a high-powered rifle like the two guys were carrying, it is important to know the lay of the land. But with the advent of technology, you can now get a view of your hunting ground from wherever and whenever, and then plan your attack.

The video goes back to the task at hand, and as the hunters spot 2 bucks and a roe at the edge of the woods, they decide to move in crawling on the field. They find the perfect position between the deers and their prized meal, the garden. As one deer comes near, it stops and looks on, taking this chance Colin shoots the deer spot on. Then another deer comes and Colin fires and hits it on the chest and it drops to the ground.

The killing of the two bucks means saving the landowner’s vegetables and the hunters have meat for food. As you watch further, the deer was cut up, and the blood was used to train to dogs. After the meat was put in the chiller.

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