.30-06 Vs .270 — Which Is Best?

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This short video, uploaded by YouTube user “jabames a”, talks about the characteristics of the .30-06 and .270 calibre ammunition and which is best to use for hunting. A disclaimer is made in the video description, in which the owner says that this clip is originally belongs to Guns & Ammo.

As an introduction, Scott Rupp, editor of Guns & Ammo, says that the .30-06 vs. .270 issue has been in existence for ages, spawning countless debates and articles. He explains that the .30-06 is a parent of the .270 and is available in a wider range of bullet weights compared to the latter. The .270, however, travels faster, is flatter, and has less recoil.

Scott used to think that the .30-06 is better, but after shooting down a sheep at 315 yards and a big moose at 40 yards, he concludes that the .270 is the clear winner.


Viewer comments were pretty varied, which only proves that the debate of which is better between the two is not about to end in the near future. But some of them concurred that both calibres are good for hunting. The .30-06 and .270 have enough power to handle a wide range of game in almost any situation. They are also similarly priced, and both have an array of loads available that can suit any kind of game, whether for small or big game.

What is more important, though, is that shooters must select the rifle and bullet that is just right for their hunting needs, and do correct shot placement to effectively bring down their target. Regardless of whether it’s a .30-06 or .270 calibre ammo that they’re using, how they handle it on the field will define their success.

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