.308 vs. 30-06 What Is More Accurate?

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The uploader aaron0313 wanted to find out which round is more accurate by documenting it with a video. Over the course of many years and many conversations he had with friends, the discussion of which from the .308 and 30-06 round is more accurate has always come up. Many commented that the .308 is ahead of the competition. Curious, he decided to do a test to see for himself if indeed this is true.

For the test he used a Remington bolt action rifle, taking 4 shots for each of the ammunition at a distance of 100 yards. To make the comparison easier, and more believable, he used the same paper for both bullets. He also gave a brief background about himself, citing his years of expertise and military experience just to further assure viewers that whatever reviews he made can be relied upon.

Aaron0313 used the Remington with a scope and a bipod to steady his shots. He first tested the 30-06 four times with the video panning to him and the target paper after and before every shot. Then he tested the .308 next, and the video pans from him and the paper, too. It is evident in the result that the .308 is indeed more accurate because the groupings of the 4 shots were closer than those of the 30-06.

After that, he also mentioned that he shot the 30-06 with a Remington 710 which he had problems with. Even though the bolt was in the locked position when he pulled it the bolt slid all the way out, this annoyed him greatly. So he recommends using the Remington 700 instead to avoid this problem.

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  1. Lou

    I have found that a 308 is accurate when you hand load and you have the correct projectile with the correct barrel twist and the projectile is touching the barrel when the breach is down. My sako 308 win 85 doesn’t like projectiles more than 160 and under 130 in weight. I currently use the Sierra 150 hunter very happy. I have used a 3006 in a ruger and found at 100 meters a grouping of 4 inches. These were factory rounds and the round kicked too much. This is my conclusion.

    1. Nick Hunter

      I agree with you Lou I also have a Sako 85 in 308 and love the calibre. Similarly I shoot 150gr Federal Prem Noslers and it is just sensational !
      Cant fault the round or the calibre!
      Dont mind 30-06 but yeh the boom and kick are a little uncomfortable for me sometimes… Not being a wuss but the 308 is more comfortable for me to shoot with all day… I wrote a few hunting stories where I mention the round and a pic if you want to see http://www.hunting.com.au/forums/topic/my-recent-hunt-to-scone-area/

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