Browning BL22

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Basic Specifications

Length: 36 3/4″
Barrel Length: 20″
Weight: 2.2kg
Range of Twist: 1 in 16”
Magazine Capacity: 15


  • 22LR


Browning BL22 Grade I
Browning BL22 Grade I Satin Nickel
Browning BL22 Grade II
Browning BL22 Grade II Octagon
Browning BL22 Stainless


The Browning BL 22 rimfire rifle is a lever action, made for all classes of shooters, due to its light weight design and quality construction as you will find with most Japanese built firearms. The black walnut straight grip stock has a gloss finish and the polished blued barrel adds to the appeal of this rifle.


More Details

The Browning BL 22 also boosts a short throw 33″ lever action, so reduces the likelihood of finger pinching. The weight at just 5lb (2.26kg) with a 20” (50.8cm) barrel makes it very well balanced especially for the smaller shooters around. With its overall length of 36 ¾ “ (93.3cm) it is one of the shorter overall rifles offered in this class. Adding to its desirability for the rifle to be used by all classes of shooters.

It has a 15 round tube magazine with an easy slide latch. So there is no catches that require lining up on closing. Making it very easy to use in the field situation. With 15 rounds it reduces the amount of times one would have to reload, which is very handy as I see this gun being used for spot lighting rabbits that have decided to breed in vast animals in areas that have had rains after long periods of drought.

The Browning BL 22 traditional exposed three position hammer adding to the overall look of the rifle. It’s also has a non-traditional feature that the trigger action moves with the lever, with some users finding this hard to get use to.

With all its attributes covered you can see the many uses for the Browning BL 22 in the modern hunting world where people make it more of a sport shooting with the smaller sized rifles and with the size of it the ease of use for all ages makes it great for those who are starting off as well as the seasoned shooter. Being shorter and lighter than most other lever action rifles on the market today, the ability to carry this weapon without issue adds to its range of uses.

“With all its attributes covered you can see the many uses for the Browning BL 22 in the modern hunting world.”

The Browning BL 22 is fitted with a adjustable steel blade and folding rear sight. With in regards to the accuracy of this rifle there seems to be no issue, I have watched it been used open scoped so there is no need for additional experience to add to the ability of this rifle. When adding after market accessories one has to be aware of the additional weight this would add to the rifle. As many people choice this due to it light weight design, so choosing the right scope for the Browning BL 22 is a must. The use of scopes over the years has become a must have item more than the need for one. So on the Browning BL 22 with its accuracy the want might be out weighted by the adding the additional weight to the rifle which will may have an impact on the versatility. Which will also lend it’s self to using on different target species. The Browning BL 22 rifle is well suited to be used for hunting off any sort of vehicle or being carried as it not heavy or long so will not hinder the shooter in any way.

Browning BL22 Grade I

With the short throw of this rifle it will be great for the use with small game such as rabbits that are usually found in small groups, so the ability to get rounds off quickly is a must. Also having the 15 round magazine makes it great for field hunting situation as not having to reload as often makes it easier.

The Browning BL 22 is to be said to be a harder than normal weapon to assemble after it has been cleaned causing many to have to send it to a gunsmith for fixing.


So in summary the Browning BL 22 Rimfire rifle has many positive attributes for the use of hunting small game in Australia, with its light weight, short throw action and high accuracy. The easy slide tube magazine also adds to its desirability for use with rabbits and other small game.

There are several negatives that come with it as well some find the short throw to make it feel like it’s made for children. Getting use to the movement of the trigger action. The last one would be a big issue who are planning on putting large amounts of rounds through it and would be cleaning the rifle on a regular basis.

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