Pig Hunting With the Winchester 30-30

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The video uploaded by Project Badass is a little over 3 minutes long, and shows a pig hunting trip where the hunter uses a Winchester 30/30 lever action rifle.

Reference: Project Badass on YouTube

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Unlike most hunting videos, this one shows the hunter on a vehicle running over a vast open field. In the background you can hear that they have a hunting dog barking. This is one of the ways to scare prey like pigs out of hiding and running out into the open, and with the dog chasing it right to the spot you want it.

In the video, it takes a few minutes to see any action on the screen. And when it does, it goes so fast you can hardly see what is happening. You just hear the shots being fired and the group cheering as they shot the pig.

Good thing there is a slow motion replay of the hunt. In the slowed own replay, you can clearly see a black animal running in the open field some distance away. You can’t even make out what it is because it is that far. The hunter took a shot, but wasn’t able to hit it the first time. The second shot though was on point and caught the pig even as it was still running.

“You just hear the shots being fired and the group cheering as they shot the pig.”

In the slow motion, you can clearly hear the second cocking of the lever as the hunter goes for a second shot. It is amazing how you can do this fast reloading with the Winchester 30/30 rifle even if it is a lever action weapon. You can also glean the skill level or expertise of the user as he was able to take down the pig in two shots and from a distance.

As the vehicle carrying the hunters get closer to the pig, you can immediately see that it is still not dead. The 2 shots probably did not hit a vital organ for the pig to die instantly. Either way, it injured the pig enough to take it down as another shot was taken to make sure the pig doesn’t suffer any longer.

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