Angry Wild Boar Shot While Attacking Dog

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Angry Wild Boar Shot While Attacking Dog

This video was made by YouTube user Clarke Boys Hunting NZ. Here, you will see 2 teenage boys from Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand taking on a wild boar.

The 3-minute video was shot using a handheld camera, so some of the scenes were pretty shaky. At the beginning of the clip, the boys are walking fast on the rocky riverside; they seem to be following the sound of barking dogs. After a few metres, they chance upon their 3 dogs fighting with a wild boar. The boar seemed to be getting the upper hand, as 2 of the canines already had some nasty wounds. One of the boys, holding a 44 Magnum wood-stock rifle, went into position atop the rocks.

You will notice that the hunter did not immediately kill the boar—there was a possibility of the dogs getting shot. The shooter and the cameraman had to call the dogs first before they could get a clear shot. Once they did, 2 shots rang, and the boar was gunned down.

It was quite a risk to shoot the wild boar while it was pouncing on the dogs. But if the shooter did not gun it down at that moment, the dogs might have been in a more perilous state than they were when fighting the boar.

The hunter, at 16 years old, was quite impressive. He handled the situation well, even if it was dangerous not only for the dogs but also for him and his companion. In the end, he got his kill and managed to save the 2 dogs, which, according to the video comments, were able to make a full recovery.

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