Aussie Water Buff Heart Shot

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Holding his gun, Cameron Hanes slowly and quietly walk towards the water buffalo, which is busy chewing on plants.

Reference: Cameron Hanes on YouTube

He takes his time going closer to the animal, tentatively walking forward and keeping as quiet as possible. After a few agonizing minutes and a few feet closer, he draws his crossbow and makes the shot, which went straight to the buffalo’s heart.

The injured animal runs a few meters away, stops, and walks a few paces before dropping ground. After a few seconds, it stands up and staggers around.

The camera slowly pans out to show Cameron walking towards the spot to get a better view of what’s happening to the buffalo. He finds it dead and walks over to check it out.

He moves the animal’s head to show the camera how massive the head is. As the sound of the crickets intensify, signalling sundown, Cameron calls it a wrap and looks forward to coming back to camp after a great and long day hunting.

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