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Australia’s Most Popular Hunting Rifle 2016

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We want to know what is the MOST POPULAR Hunting Rifle In 2016 (enter your vote in the poll below).

Over the next months we will be polling all our & members to see what you think, what is your favourite rifle? We know we all have many and its hard to chose but we want to award ONE winner for the 2016 Most Popular Aussie Hunting Rifle.

  1. Vote for your favourite rifle
  2. Comment if you think we missed one
  3. Keep watching for the winner

In the voting table below we have added what we think is the short list, if you don’t see your rifle in the list and think it should be there please write in the comments below. Tell us the rifle name, brand and a comment on why it should be added… If 5+ members like your reasoning we will add it!

One vote per member so we expect to see thousands of votes over the coming months!

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We will also be giving away a few prizes for those that have a good enough reason for adding a new rifle to the list or just for having a good comment on why one is your favourite!

Keep it clean – keep it relevant and lets see who will be named the 2016 Rifle Of The Year!!!

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