Best Wild Boar and Deer Hunt Video

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One of the more entertaining hunting videos out there, this compilation features a variety of kill shots of deer, rams, hogs, moose, and even squirrels.

Reference: Kanal von lautawerk007 on YouTube

In the opening scene you’ll see that the hunters are loading ammo into their rifles that is equipped with a scope. And then the next are scenes of the kill shots.

Almost all the kill shots are of moving targets, which very hard to do. This only means that the hunters in the video are very skilled and experienced. In one scene a deer was running at high speed but was easily tracked and shot by the hunter. Just to make sure that it won’t get far away, the deer was shot again.

You can also see from the different scenes in the video that they’ve also hunted a variety of animals, and that they’ve probably hunted for most of the year. In the next few scenes, excellent shots of squirrels were shown. Even from ones that were very low on the ground. The fact that the hunters were still able to shoot from a distance and a target that’s not fully visible, is a feat in itself. A show of skill and experience.

The wild boars were also accurately shot while on the move, although they are much slower than the deer, and from a distance. Some kills were on close range, like the ones shot during winter. Probably because the animals are slower to move in feet-deep snow, so even if you are close, the prey wouldn’t be able to get away fast enough to escape.

Night vision was also used at one point, so that even at night when many animals go out to graze, hunting can still be done.

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