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The video was uploaded by Antler Addicts, which was shot in a beautiful, expansive South Texas ranch teeming with wildlife, such as deer and quail. The main shooter is named Reuben, who is said to have never harvested a buck that was filmed on camera.

The commentator opens with a description of the ranch in which the group was hunting. He said that it is strictly managed under the program of the Texas Parks and Wildlife called Managed Lands Deer Permit (MLDP). This means they can hunt deer under a controlled environment, with an imposed limit on kills during harvest season. What this does is allow the land owners to maintain a healthy number of deer in proportion to the size of their land and keeps everything balanced. Of course, this is done in cooperation with authorities and biologists that operate under the program.

As the video begins, you’ll spot a  deer was in the middle of a path and was shot. It ran away and was found dead later on somewhere in the fields. In the next part of the video, the lead hunter Reuben has been said to be tracking one buck that they named as Greg, but hasn’t had the chance to get a clear and nearer shot. So they decide maybe next hunting season they’ll catch him.

The video continues showing different shots of bucks and does grazing on the path. Obviously, the hunter chose a very good location as it is always filled with deer. The kill shots are interspersed with tips, such as being able to field judge your deer if its a desirable catch. Also, tips about harvesting older female deer rather than the younger ones who are able to reproduce more than the older ones.

It’s a very good compilation video in that, they not only showed kills shots but also the hunter’s thoughts about the shot he just made. But what really adds substance to the video are the useful tips that they give out to the viewers.

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