European Wild Boar Hunting

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European Wild Boar Hunting

The video starts with a shot of the hunting grounds, with a thicket of yellow and orange trees. It all looks very scenic and beautiful, with lots of foliage and a well-worn path in the middle. It looks like fall because of the color of the leaves, which also covers the grounds. In the next scene, a group of hunters in camouflage outfits and rifles slung over their shoulders converge, perhaps talking about the upcoming hunt.

It looks like an organized excursion as it shows a number of hunters also bringing more than just their rifles. The group had also decided to bring some dogs to help with the endeavour. These are probably sight and scent hounds, which can greatly help the hunting group find their prey especially in a big area like the one in this video.

Sight hounds, as you might have guessed, have great visual acuity and speed, so prey is easily seen even from a distance. They are also very quiet and quick to work. Scent hounds, meanwhile, hunt by scent. They are used to trail and sometimes also to kill game. Scent hounds hunt in packs where they chase and corner a quarry so hunters can have an easier time killing them.

In the video you can actually a boar running through the clearing–probably chased by the hunting dogs–where a hunter was waiting. It was shot easily even though it was running fast.

This video by WildBoarHunting TV clearly shows how helpful dogs are during hunts.

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