Fallow Deer Rut

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This 4.5-minute video started with a scene of a running deer in the forest, just above where the hunter was waiting. It looks like very early morning, or late afternoon because it was a bit dark. As the video continues, it tracks that deer and the shooter lets out a shot but misses, and the deer runs away.

In the next scene, it was in a clearing and the deer was running towards the location of the hunter. It pauses and the hunter shoots but ultimately missed. There were a couple of scenes where the hunters filmed deer in the forest without taking any shots. Probably, they didn’t have a clear shot and because the targets were moving, it was harder to be accurate.

Seems like they were having a hard time catching a break early in their hunting expedition. So they let a couple of deer go. But then in the next scene, you can see that with a bow and arrow, the hunter was finally able to hit a deer from about 15 yards. In a later comment, the hunter said he hit the deer in the shoulder, and is only the second one he killed with a bow and arrow.

Incidentally, it is not very common to use bow and arrow when hunting because you’d need to be closer to the animal. This means you’d be near enough to spook your prey away. But when done right and by a skilled hunter, it can be a very effective and cheaper hunting method.

To get the deer close enough for an accurate shot, the hunters rattle an old set of antlers, and in some instances, they also used hind calls. With this, they are able to catch another stag, which, by the look of the antlers, is older than the first one.

The stags were shot and harvested by Paul Fittock and Brett Fittock, who also uploaded the video.

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