Hog Hunting With The Dogs

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The 4-minute video was uploaded by Deer Camp Productions and shows hunting wild hogs in a forest.

Reference: Deer Camp Productions on YouTube

The first scene shows the hunter trudging through a thick blanket of leaves in a hurry as he spots a wild pig in the distance. He is followed by the cameraman about a few feet behind.

You can hear dogs barking in the distance as the hunters continue following the sounds of the wild hogs. The camera then zooms in to a group of pigs then zooms back out to focus on the lead hunter, who catches up to one large black hog. You can hear it squealing but is not yet visible to the camera. As the hunters near the sounds of squealing, the camera catches two black dogs baying the black pig. Distracted by the dogs the pig doesn’t notice the hunter closing in and shoots it with a rifle at about 5 feet away.

In the next scene the lead hunter, again, follows the sound of the dogs through a thicket of branches. The next thing you hear is the sound of the gun going off and the grunt of a wild pig. The video then catches a pig in a puddle of water, obviously sporting a gunshot wound, with the 2 hunting dogs continuing to bay the pig to finally kill it.

The next scene shows the hunter with the 2 kills mounted at the back of two motorbikes. It looks thinner or smaller than when they were hunting it, but possibly it’s because the pigs are on their sides. The hunter explains that here are two wild pigs caught and killed with the help of bay dogs, the best ones he’s ever hunted with. They were able to catch a 131-pound sow, or female swine, and a 152-pound boar.

During the hunt, the shooters used a 44 Magnum rifle, and as you can see, only needed one shot to kill the wild hogs.

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