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The video uploaded by HuntersVermin in June 2012 starts off with hunting two rabbits that are in the garden. The owners have been complaining that the rabbits have been eating the vegetables and flowers and the garden, and therefore wants the rabbits taken care of. The hunter easily shoots the rabbits from a distance, while also explaining that it has to be done as the rabbits destroy gardens.

Video By: HuntersVermin

The next shot pans to a field with fencing and she eps. The rabbit is on the other side of the fence. The video uploaded then walks into the field and scouts it for rabbits through the scope of his rifle. He spots two about 75 and 100 yards away. He slowly and quietly walks towards the nearest one to get closer, about 50 yards, and he lets out a squeak and the rabbit puts its head up as the hunter aims, shoots, and kills it.

The hunter further walks down the field then crouches down to crawl as he nears the target, and still not making a sound. Then he fully crouches on the ground and uses a scope to see how far the rabbits are. The next video shot pans to 2 rabbits eating in the field. He makes a squeaking sound and the rabbits’ heads shoots up. But goes back to eating before the hunter has a chance to shoot.

He squeaks again and then was able to aim and kill the rabbit on the left. The other one, unaware of what happened, stayed where he was as the hunter reloads his rifle. As he prepares to shoot you can actually hear the creep of the trigger. He misses the first shot, but amazingly the rabbit stays put. He decides not to kill the second rabbit, reasoning that the rabbit will definitely be back.

He then gets the one rabbit he kills and puts it in the bag. He gets the other rabbit that he killed, as well as kills another one near the fence. Clearly, HuntersVermin is a very skilled hunter, killing all rabbits via headshot.

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