Rabbit Hunting 101

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This video by Horne250 is a very good video to watch, especially for novice hunters or for those who are thinking of hunting rabbits. This is because it offers tips on hunting rabbits even taking into consideration how to humanely shoot the little furry creatures.

In the first scene you can see the hunter has spotted a rabbit low on the ground and he hesitates for a little bit because he doesn’t have a clear headshot or a lung or heart shot. But he soon sees that he can have a neck shot and he took it, aiming with his scoped rifle. He then says that this is a humane way to kill the rabbit as it didn’t even flinch and drops right away.

He continues giving tips even when he missed a shot of a rabbit at the edge of a clearing. He then spots 2 more rabbits farther down the trail. The other one was too far away, so he goes for the one about 50 yards away. What he does is make sure he has a stable position by setting up on a rise and anchoring his rifle on his bag. And he takes his time to shoot the nearer target and shoots it cleanly on the head.

In the next scene, the hunter decided to go full camouflage, covering his head and even his hands, so he can go really close to his target. He advises that you walk very slowly towards the target rabbit and stop when it lifts its head. He does this—and advises it as well—until he got close to the rabbit and successfully shot it in the head again at about 40 yards away.

In the end he was able to kill four rabbits and that they were healthy and he was happy with it.

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