Rabbit Hunting with a CZ 452 .22 Rimfire

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Rabbit Hunting a CZ 452 .22 Rimfire Rifle

This video compilation by YouTube user Fieldsports1 intends to show the effectiveness of the CZ 452 .22 Rimfire Rifle is for shooting rabbits. All of the clips in this 5.37-minute video are his; some of them are unseen footages that have not been released in his earlier videos.

The CZ 452 Rimfire 22 Calibre Rifle


A disclaimer is also made in the video description in that the clips were filmed by the shooter’s companion. The angle seen from the video is different from the shooter’s line of sight through the scope.

The first sequence shows a rabbit at a high point of a field, being shot on the head. It rolls down the slope and seemingly jumps and stops. Fieldsports1 says that this is what he calls the “nerves after death syndrome”, and it happens a lot when he makes head shots on the rabbits he hunts.

Another footage shows rabbits in a field that has a lot of human activity going on. The shooter says that a lot of farmers have this misconception that if there is more human activity in the field, the rabbits would go away. But in reality, what happens is the opposite, so he deems it best to hunt these animals and shoot them down instead. As seen in the video, when one rabbit is shot, the others run off to a safer place.

Fieldman1 notes that the .22 rimfire rifle is enough to do “rabbit control”; one doesn’t need a higher calibre for this purpose. He also shares a few tips on using this kind of rifle, such as being aware of objects that bullets can ricochet to. He says the .22 calibre round is one of the most dangerous bullets in terms of ricochet value. One must aim low to make sure the bullet goes through the ground and won’t hit anything it’s not intended to.

Another tip is the scope range to use. Since rabbits can easily sense human activity, it is recommended to do long-range shots. In the clips of this video, his scope setting is at 50 metres.

He also shares a good advice to all shooters: not to show off to people and shoot only within their confidence level. Fieldman1 also says to dispatch the game humanely, as he does while gutting the rabbit using the push method, because, as he says, everything goes back to the food chain.

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