Sambar Stag Hunt

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A hunter taking an afternoon off to go to one of Australia’s outback in Victoria, which took him 13 hours to get to.

Reference: Aussie Bush Harvest on YouTube

It looks like he is alone and is seen walking very carefully in a wooded area. He soon notices 2 young male fallows, or bucks as they are called, which he then follows into a clearing in the forest. He stops as he sees movement a few metres ahead.

Like a very good hunter, he waits quietly and patiently behind some trees and aims then shoots. You can actually hear him cocking his rifle before the shot. It wasn’t clear if he was able to shoot the deer because the animal was barely visible in the thick underbrush. But the hunter investigates the spot and he found blood. He follows the trail and finally came across his kill. A very large, and possibly old, buck, judging by its size and the shape of the antlers.

The hunter is definitely very happy to have shot a big one that day. He sets up a shot of himself with the deer and talks about how happy he was and amazed of the kill. And that he only dreamt of someday killing a deer this big. He also mentioned that he was about 70 metres when he shot the buck.

Though he was happy, he seems to think that it was not only his skills that he relied on, but also the help and motivation of friends to keep getting better at hunting. The last scenes on the shows him cutting up the deer, which he said took him all night.

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