A huntress, stack of hares & the 13th biggest recorded fallow in Tasmania!

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First photo sent in by Katie with a few nice looking pigs. Great photo Katie, thanks for sharing with us!

These next two photos were sent in by Jeff. Here’s what Jeff had to say about the pictures – “My 249 4/8 Douglas score Tasmanian fallow. Shot in the 2016 season with my 30-06 tikka t3 lite. 13th biggest recorded in the Tasmanian top 100. Very happy man!” Understandably Jeff! Well hunted mate, thanks for sharing with us!

This last photo was sent in by Jai and contains a tone of hares! Jai said he was chasing hares on the ATV with a Virgin Adler which produced some good results in a very short time. Thanks for sharing Jai. Look’s really good mate!

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